2017 - The year of rooster

China Town


Happy Spring Festival to all who are celebrating, Happy Holidays if you are on holiday(s) and Happy Working for those who will be working.


Oh yes... just some gentle reminders to all:-


wall plug

Unplug power socket before leaving premises


Plan your trip



Spend wisely


Chinese food

Eat "wisely"



Reunion meal is about the number of smiles and not the quantity or quality of the food served on the table



Secure our house


  Giving life  

Not to forget sharing with others. Smiling faces are what we want the most. The more, the merrier...



Remote support will only be provided from Jan 31st, 2017 until February 05th, 2017 and full operations will resume on February 6th, 2017.

Terence Loo and team @ TLC

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