TLC Network Enterprise was founded in 2003 and assisting clients in automating work is our sole focus.


Our professional has the following experiences, knowledges and skills:-

  • hardwares assembling, troubleshooting and maintaining skills. (Since 1999)
  • Windows (since 1999), Mac OS (since 1996) and Linux (since 2005)
  • Open source software such as Content Management System (CMS) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Exchange, SQL servers, MySQL, PHP, HTML
  • Deploying, maintaning, administrating web hosting, email server, file server, firewall, proxy, traffic shaping, domain server, VPN, DHCP
  • Was once the point of contact for 25 remote offices, 600 desktops & laptops, 1000 users
  • 4 years experiences in financial industry, 10 years in event mangement industry
  • Business consulting such as process optimization and transformation & change

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