The organization (event organiser with offices in Kuala Lumpur & Shanghai) is small to midsize with up to 100 users and 200 devices, and it is looking for a way for users to securely access company data when they are off-premises. The employees do not have consistent access to company resources onsite and offsite. Files are not accessible after they step outside the office. As a result, employees are saving company data on their laptops or sending it through email. They use a PC to email data from work, and they can email data to the office from their laptops when they are working remotely. Sometimes after work hours, employees need to work on files or access data from laptops; however, employees are unable to use their business applications when they are offsite.



Author: Stuart Miles of

Employees do not have a secure way to access company data and business applications outside the office network.


Author: David Castillo Dominici of

Employees are saving company’s data on multiple computers (for example, on a desktop PC when at work, and on their laptop when remote). This is leading to multiple file versions that are hard to track and locate.


Author: Nuttakit of

Not productive. Employees are unable to work from off-premises because they do not have access to business applications



Author: Hywards of

Provided secure access to company data and resources for employees outside the offices.
Enable employees to access network resources on laptops.

Author: Ambro of

Employees spending lesser time in transferring work done from their laptops back to servers.
Serve, solve and delight customers even employees are outside the office.

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