1) Surfing with other computers in my office is fast except mine

2) Whenever I open my Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome, my computer is running very slow

3) When I am working, some pop up windows/screens appear

4) After few minutes, my computer restart by itself

5) My computer keeps restarting before i could see my computer desktop

6) A blue screen appears and then restart and again i am seeing blue screen

7) Whenever I submit my printing to printer, the output takes few minutes to be printed

8) When i scan document from my network scanner, i can't see my computer on the scanner LCD screen

9) Whenever i scan document to my computer, it takes 10 minutes to complete the task

10) At a time, I could access my local file server without delays. After few hours, I either can't access or saving works are delayed

11) I could work peacefully in the morning but not in the afternoon/few hours after I switch on my computer

12) In order to work without problems, our Wifi router needs "restart/power cycle" several times in a day

13) I send in my computer to computer shop for refresh/reformat/restoration few times in a year

14) My data in Outlook is gone!

15) I can't view pdf files but my friends/classmates/colleagues are able to.

16) Recovered files deleted from recycle bin

17) Someone deleted files from shared folder on the server!

18) Unable to access certain websites

19) The fan on my laptop is very noisy 5 minutes after I switch on my laptop.

20) My computer can't detect/access external hard disk/drive.

21) My computer beeps after I switch it on

22) I closed laptop lid and it won't wake up anymore. Restart is the solution.

23) Black screen with message "Operating System Not Found" or "Missing operating system"

24) There is a program on the screen saying my computer is infected with viruses/malwares

25) Computer boots, can see lights blinking but no display

26) Whenever I access that particular files, it delay in opening

27) My antivirus removed/uninstalled many viruses/malware but they are more now!

28) Blank screen after Windows logo loading

29) Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media

30) I connect my laptop to an external larger LED screen. When I unplug the hdmi/VGA/display calble, my laptop screen is blank

31) My Outlook can receives emails but can't send emails

32) Add or remove an e-mail account in Outlook

33) I can't access VPN after operating system restoration/reformat my hard drive/disk

34) I can't remove file/folder

35) Whenever other computer is downloading, other computers can't work

36) Exchange database corrupted due to low hard disk space

37) Can't access Outlook files even after repairing


Please check back later for more problems. Compilation in progress!


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